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I am a Nashvillian by way of Southern California and I have spent the majority of my professional career in the entertainment industry in one form or another.

I started out performing and I've sung, danced, acted, and modeled my way through life; but I also had an equal affinity for the behind-the-scenes and business side of the industry as well.

I started my industry career almost a decade ago at a music magazine where I consulted with indie artists on their digital marketing strategy. From there, I spent time working at an artist management company before I opened a music + video production and artist development company where we hosted live events from NYC to LA. After that, I spent time as Manager of Nat'l Radio Promo for a major label before stepping away from the industry to consult with small businesses on digital marketing and online sales strategy. 

But, I missed working with artists and missed being one myself. 

So, I decided it was time to put my superhero cape back on and get back to work in my true area of expertise. 

After working with both signed and unsigned artists alike, I noticed a common and VERY FRUSTRATING theme:

The majority of them didn't have a clue how to harness the power of the internet to create a thriving, sustainable...and more importantly: PROFITABLE business for themselves.

Because I've had the unique opportunity of working equally in both the music industry as well as the online entrepreneurship space I was able to quickly grow my knowledge by learning from other successful online entrepreneurs who were making 7 figures in under 5 years (and no, I'm not fudging those figures...).

But, I was confounded by the fact that artists (AND labels...yep, they don't get it either) weren't applying these same principles to their music careers and roster!

I could see the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars that were being left on the table because artists just didn't know this stuff.

I could see how this knowledge would create the freedom that artists SO badly needed so they could pursue their passions full time and drop the starving artist song and dance. 

I could see how it would LITERALLY change the world to teach artists these same principles so MORE artists can get their art out into the world instead of feeling like they have to go take a corporate job and give up.

And because I'm the chick who say's "Why Not?" when someone tells me "No"...I knew I needed to get this knowledge into the hands of artists whose lives could be radically changed by applying some really simple principles to the way they approach their career.

If you'd like to know more, I'd love to show you exactly how to begin building that sustainable and profitable business and lifestyle that you deserve.

And it’s free! You can book in a call here:

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